Review: Epiphone G400 Left-Handed SG Electric Guitar

Left handed Epiphone G400 SG electric What Will $364 Buy A Left-Handed Guitar Player?

When it comes to left-handed guitars, they sometimes don’t quite live up to the billing given to their  right-handed counterparts. This definitely isn’t the case with the left-handed Epiphone G400 SG, which features 2 Alnico-V humbuckers, a mahogany body, and a rosewood fingerboard. It is a non-tremolo guitar.  The black fingerboard and chrome hardware give this guitar a distinctive yet classic look.

The sound from the left-handed Epiphone G400 is crisp and clear. If you like to play in various genres, this is a good guitar for you, as it performs well from the clear note-picking for solos through to the deep metal tone. One of the benefits of having a non-tremolo bridge is that it holds its tuning particularly well.

This guitar performed well when I tried it out. I did find some buzz on the top string, but that was only when I was playing without plugging it in, and once I plugged it into an amp, it wasn’t really audible. With a little extra setup and adjustment, this wouldn’t be a problem.

Playing the Left-Handed Epiphone G400 SG

This was a comfortable guitar to use, and sat in a good position for playing. Although it didn’t have many of the built-in features that you’ll find on some guitars, the Epiphone G400 doesn’t need these flash tricks in my view. It did what it was designed to really well.

The neck was thin enough for easy playing, and the frets weren’t uncomfortably far from each other, so no hand cramps with this one. The sound was quite good for the price, and was similar in quality to its more expensive counterparts.

The Final Verdict

Finding good left-handed guitars is a big problem for anyone of the left-handed persuasion, and finding a high-quality used left-handed guitar at a reasonable price can be a challenge. For a med-priced left-handed guitar, the Epiphone G400 SG strikes a great balance between price and quality.

While it’s not going to sound like a Gibson SG, this guitar comes pretty close to providing a similar level of playability and comfort. Whether you want to use this guitar at home, in the studio, or on the road, the Epiphone G400 SG is a solid instrument worth its modest investment.

The left-handed Epiphone G400 SG is available from Click here to view the product page.

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