The Ibanez RG370DXL Left-Handed Guitar- A Worthy Descendent of Steve Vai’s JEM?

If you’re a left-handed guitarist looking for a guitar specifically-designed for the metal or hard rock player, then the left-handed Ibanez RG370DXL is one of the guitars you should be considering.

When I think of killer guitars for playing metal and hard rock, Ibanez is one of the first brands I think of, and many others share this opinion. Since introducing the RG series in 1987 (which was modeled on Steve Vai’s JEM/Universe Series), these guitars have become Ibanez’s most popular guiats.

But does the left-handed RG370DXL live up to its prestigious lineage?

A Feature-Rich Guitar

When you’re looking for a guitar for a lefty player with plenty of bells and whistles, then the Ibanez RG370DXL has plenty of features that will keep you experimenting for some time.

The Edge Pro II locking tremolo is specifically-made to provide the best mix of tonal stability and great playing effects, while the basswood body is light and will provide a clear tone that clear and accurate at both the top and bottom end.

This guitar features a treble pickup system, a bound rosewood fingerboard, and a maple neck with jumbo frets made for easy playing. And with the shark tooth mother of pearl inlays, you’ll look good playing, too. In terms of the guitar’s body, black is definitely the color for rock, and with the RG370DXL, all your controls are black to match the body, fingerboard, and pickups.

How is it to Play?

When it comes to picking the guitar up for the first time, unlike other Ibanez units, this guitar actually feels a little heavier than  similar models (it weighs 11lbs). A quick slide of the hand up the neck, which is quite thin, shows this guitar is great in terms of getting to all the notes comfortably.

Playing the guitar itself is quite a mixed experience, and having played some top-end guitars, you can see some of the economies that Ibanez have made in producing this guitar.

I found that the sound on the whole was very good, and the two sets of twin humbuckers were very good- the metal tone from the twin humbuckers is exactly what you’ll be looking for. Don’t think it’s limited to metal though; this guitar can handle everything from clean jazz chords to shredding solos to chunky power chords.

However, I would mention that the single coil isn’t quite up there with the twin coils in terms of the sound, and it could get muffled unless the amp is tweaked set up. The one problem I have is that, I do tend to change the tuning of my guitar fairly frequently, and this isn’t just a few quick turns; the fine tuning was okay, but changing the tuning took a bit of time and effort with the allen wrench.

The Final Analysis

When you’re looking for a value-priced left handed metal or hard rock guitar, the Ibanez RG370DXL is a solid guitar that meets all expectations; this guitar might be left-handed, but Ibanez put some serious effort into making this guitar a worthy addition to the RG series and a proud descendent of the JEM/Universe guitars.

Musicians love this guitar as well; as of this writing, this axe received 9/10 stars from 86 reviews reviews on

Well played, Ibanez, well played.
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